Philips SRT 82510 Universal Remote Control

Project Description

Prestigo Universele afstandsbediening SRT 82510

This 4 Star+rating universal remote control device, is able to control almost every device / appliance with a IR code. Thanks to the +300.000 infrared codes in the Prestigo Database.
This products comes with a sophisticated PC / MAC application for configuring the software and to tailer the device to your own needs.

Unique are the so called Activities: a kind of macro with allows you to place a various amount of IR codes under one button, something similar to Alexa's routine's nowadays.

Also the complete failure safe upgradeability via USB was unique back then in 2005 when this product was launched. It's so good than you still can buy it in some countries!

Net-Connect was in charge of the System Architecture of this project, including the outsourcing of the PC software to an external company in Ukraine.
The daily management / development of the external company was also done by Net-Connect.

This project had a better NPS than the Philips competitors!