PhilipsPronto TSU 7000

Project Description

Philips Prestigo TSU 7000

The ultimate control solution for your home and all your entertainment devices, fully customizable to the needs of you and your family.

This was the first Philips Remote control which was using a USB connection!

Single control solution for most devices & brands with a 3.8 inch TFT LCD Display

Pre-installed codes for more than 800 brands and with the PC editor you can personalize buttons and functions.
With 32 MB internal memory for creating large custom configurations, including NAND / Serial FLASH driver, (first time)

Net-Connect was responsible for the System- and Software Architecture of this device. After the development, Net-Connect assist in the production of this device and in test-automaton as well.

From the very beginning of the project until the last end Net-Connect participated in this project, executed in the Top Notch location at Philips Leuven.

A very nice project!