Philips SPC 620 Web Camera

Project Description

Philips SPC 620Webcamera

In 2008 a range of webcams was launched, among others this SPC 620 which was based on a platform, defined with assistance of Net-Connect

It was bundled with VLounge Premium which allows you to add video to Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger, Skype, ICQ, QQ, Windows Live Messenger

The device driver was Windows Vista Certified (Microsoft WHQL for the insiders.

Net-Connect was responsible for the System Architecture and for creating a platform for a wide range of webcams, including support of the external package VLounge.
Also, Net-Connect created various RFQ and was in charge of creating the system architecture documents.

From the very beginning of the project until the last end Net-Connect participated in this project, executed at Philips Strijp, Eindhoven.